The Code For 0-100

//Retrieving the data from the page
//Starts or controller function
function getValues(){
//Getting the values from the inputs by accessing the page
        let startValue = document.getElementById("startValue").value;
        let endValue = document.getElementById("endValue").value;
//Validating our input, the inputs are strings by default and we are converting the input to integers 
        startValue = parseInt(startValue);
        endValue = parseInt(endValue);

//Ensuring that the start value is less than the end value
        if (startValue > endValue) {
//Notifying the user if the condtion is not met
            alert("The starting value must be lower than the ending value")

//Setting the range of numbers (-100 to 100) that may be entered for the loop
        if (startValue > 100 || startValue < -100 || endValue > 100 || endValue < -100) {
//Display the error message if the entered numbers are not within the range of -100 to 100
            alert("Please enter numbers that are within the range of -100 to 100")
// Stopping the executoion of the function if the conditions are not met
//Esnsuring that the users enters a start and an end value
        if (Number.isInteger(startValue) && Number.isInteger(endValue)) {
//Calling generateNumbers, a for loop will utilize the start and end value as bounds
            let numbers = generateNumbers(startValue, endValue);
//displayNumbers will display
        } else {
             alert("You must enter integers")     

//Generate numbers from the startValue to the endValue
function generateNumbers(sValue, eValue){
//the numbers will go in an array
    let numbers = [];

//We want to get all numbers from start to end
    for (let index = sValue; index <= eValue; index++) { 
//This will execute in a loop and keep incrementing by 1 until index = eValue

    return numbers;

//Display the numbers and mark the even numbers bold
function displayNumbers(numbers){
//This string will contain the output
    let templateRows = "";

//Identifying even and odd numbers 
    for (let index = 0; index < numbers.length; index++) {
        let className = "even";
        let number = numbers[index];

        if(number % 2 === 0) {
            className = "even";
            className = "odd";    

//This string will display the numbers
        templateRows += `<tr><td class="${className}">${number}</td></tr>`<

    document.getElementById("results").innerHTML = templateRows;


The code can be broken down into three main functions:

1.) getValues()

The input of the user is utilized here, and I used getElementByID to retrieve the values that serve as parameters from the page. The retrieved values are transferred to the generateNumbers() function that returns an array of values which is passed on to the displayNumbers() function.

2.) generateNumbers()

I started with an empty array and named it numbers. I have used a for-loop that meets the parameters of startValue and endValue to loop through all numbers in the specified range. The for-loop iterates through each number in the numbers array. The numbers array contains numbers between the startValue and the endValue that we get from the user. Using the push function, each number is added to the array after each loop.

3.) displayNumbers()

This function serves to generate and display a string of html table rows along with the results.

I used the variable named className to apply styling to even numbers by making them bold. The array named numbers is used again to add functionality to the for-loop. In this for-loop, I used numbers.length, followed by an IF statement that determines if the numbers are even or odd with the help of the modulo operator. The HTML is written to the page through the variable templateRows, which increases by each iteration of the loop.